About us

About us

Stockholm Waterbikes was bourne from a love of the Swedish culture to embrace nature.

Stockholm is over 30% water and many years ago an ex-pat fell in love with the beautiful aquatic terrain that the ‘capital of the Nordics’ has to offer. Thus Stockholm Waterbikes was founded, to offer visitors and residents alike a unique aquatic cycling experience.

We’ve teamed up with Schiller Bikes in California, USA, who ooze passion for ‘biking a blue planet’ and are proud to be able to offer a unique cycling experience for all our customers. Whether you’re riding along rivers, lakes or in the sea, riding the Schiller S1 is a great activity for everyone.

Stockholm Waterbikes offer guided group rides, rentals, leasing and sales of the Schiller S1 water bike. All bikes are made from high-grade materials and hand-built in the USA. If you’re interested in knowing more about the water bikes themselves and the materials, please check out our Sales page.

Oh by the way, if you’ve ever wondered why at Stockholm Waterbikes we concatenate the ‘water’ and ‘bikes’, it’s just us showing a little love for the Swedish language, where water bikes are called ‘vattencyklar’.